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What People Are Saying!

We always appreciate feedback from our fans! Here are a few responses from Season 1.

"I just choked on my lunch laughing at Mike."

Jim Kusterman

"Finally got caught up on Boomers. Really fun. I love Ruth and her friend, especially when they drank a bit too much wine. I can relate to everything, and I love the punch lines about Becca and the ex-daughter-in-law. Still laughing about the guy in episode 7 saying "Prunes, my favorite." I'm looking forward to the band taking shape as Boomers. By the way, the girl singing off key in episode 3 was hysterical. Boomers is the type of humor I can relate to, and I'm sure many of our contemporaries feel the same way. So what's next in this venture?"

Mark Berman

“Just watched episode eight. Great fun. Congratulations. What a vocal range you have, Ellen. And never knew Mike could be that funny."

John Towey

"We finally sat down & binge-watched all 8 episodes this evening. Loved the theme song, the actors, the story line, & all the clever dialogue. Congratulations to you & your crew for all your hard work! We can't wait to see Season 2."

Annette Hill

"We really enjoyed it! Pretty funny!"

Gloria J. Joyce


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