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There’s more to Boomerhood than having been born between 1946 and 1964. Being a Boomer is a state of mind. It’s a set of shared experiences and memories that forever bind us together as members of the same generation. Do you really have the soul of a Boomer? Or are you merely a “great pretender?” Take the following quiz and find out for sure!

Have you ever used the following expressions:

1. “Let it all hang out” (add 5 points)

2. “Mellow out” (add 5 points)

3. “Hang loose” (add 5 points)

4. “Chill out” (0 points)

Have you ever used any of the following expressions:

1. “Far out! (add 5 points)

2. “righteous” (add 5 points)

3. “bitchin’” ( add 5 points

4. “cool” (add 1 point)

5. “rad” (0 points)

6. “awesome” (deduct 10 points)

As a child, did you ever own:

1. a skate key? (add 6 points)

2. a bicycle with a basket attached to the handlebars? (add 5 points)

3. a bicycle with a playing card attached by a clothespin to the spokes? (add 5

4. A pen that used ink cartridges? (add points)

5. A video game other than Pong (deduct 8 points)

Did you ever wear:

1. penny loafers that had actual pennies in them? (add 5 points)

2. a pair of saddle shoes? (add 5 points)

3. a Tracey blouse, huarache sandals, jams or baggies (add 7 points)

4. a circle pin or ID ring? (add 8 points)

5. Canoe cologne? (add 10 points)

Did you ever own:

1. a record player that played 45’s (add 10 points)

2. a hi fi (add 7 points)

3. a transister radio (add 6 points)

4. an 8-track player (add 5 points)

5. an audio cassette player (add 3 Points)

6. a CD player (0 points)

7. an iPod (deduct 3 points)

Did your parents ever own:

1. a console TV that served as a side table with lamps, vases and family photos on top? (add 5 points)

2. a portable TV with rabbit ears on a stand that rolled (add 5 points. Add 10 if it was black and white.

3. a flat screen TV (deduct 20 points)

Did you ever:

1. wear a tie-dye tee shirt? (add 5 points)

2. make your own tie-dye tee shirt? (add 7 points)

3. have tie-dye sheets? (add 10 points)

4. have a blacklight poster or lave a lamp? (add 10 points)

Did you ever have an apartment with

1. an electrician’s spool for a coffee table. (add 5 points)

an orange crate for a coffee table. (add 5 points)

2. A shelf unit made of raw lumber and concrete blocks? (5 points. 7 points if you stored pens and pencils in the holes of the concrete blocks).

3. A foam mattress placed directly on the floor. (6 points)

Milk crates for bedside tables. (2 points. 10 extra points if you had a mattress on the floor with tie-dye sheets, milk crate bedside tables and a blacklight poster taped to the wall.)

Did you ever drive:

1. A Mustang from the 1960’s. (add 5 points)

2. A convertible? (add 10 extra points if it was a Mustang convertible)

3. A Volkswagon beetle? (add 5 points)

4. A Volkswagon van? (add 10 points, 50 extra points if it was painted in psychedelic colors or if you turned the VW logo in the front into a peace symbol.)

Organizations. You once had a membership or I.D. card from:

1. the S.C.L.C. (add 10 points)

2. S.D.S. (add 15 points)

3. U. of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Wisconsin-Madison or UC Berkeley (15 points)

4. The Black Panthers (add 15 points)

5. The Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles (which means you know the correct answer to “Are you a turtle?”) (add 20 points)

6. The public library (0 points)

7. DeMolay or Rainbow Girls (Deduct 25 points)

Do you still know all the words to

1. “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore” (add 5 points)

2. “Cumbaya” (add 5 points)

3. “If I Had a Hammer” (add 5 points)

4. The first three verses of “We Shall Overcome” (add 5 points)

5. The Association’s "Along Comes Mary" or Procol Harem’s "A Whiter Shad of Pale" (add 50 points)

6. “Howl” by Alan Ginsburg or “I Am Waiting” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (add 100 points).

7. Any rap by Kanye West (deduct 100 points)

Do you remember:

1. Being at Woodstock (Deduct 10 points. If you remember it,

you weren’t really there.)

2. Sliding in the mud while listening to Country Joe and the Fish. (10 points. Congratulations! You were at Woodstock. Or possibly Da Nang.)


70 points or higher. Congratulations! You are a Big Kahuna of Boomers (if you have to look that up, deduct 30 points and drop yourself to the next ranking).

40 - 69 points. You are a true Baby Boomer and not dead yet!

25 - 39 You are on the cusp. You may want to take a Beat Generation or Gen X quiz and see if you can find a better fit.

0 - 24 points. Uh-oh! Unless you can prove extenuating circumstances - such as being lost in the wilderness ten years or dropping a lot of bad acid, you do not fit the Boomer profile and we will have to rescind your Boomer credentials.

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