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Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Stealing a kiss from my costar Barry Pearl

Hello, my name is Dory and I am making my film debut in a cameo role in the web series Boomers as the dog of Murray, played by my fabulous costar, Barry Pearl. I admit I did develop a bit of a crush (see me giving him a surprise kiss on the red carpet at the Boomers premiere). My real life family are Boomers stars Mike Genovese and Ellen Crawford.

With Ellen and Mike at the United Way HomeWalk on the LA County Federation of Labor Homeless Heroes team, raising money for homeless vets -veterans that is, not my doctor

One would never guess my future as an actress from my humble beginnings as an orphan pup wandering the streets of Lake Elsinore (though my origins do suggest a tie to Shakespeare’s Hamlet). Contrary to popular opinion, I was not named for a fish - I was named for Ellen’s maternal grandfather, Doremus Nealeigh Imboden (they called him Shorty).

Like many in our craft, I began my training in the theatre, following Mike and Ellen from coast-to-coast in regional theatre… Maine, North Carolina, San Diego… I learned professional etiquette, including theatre terms such as “places” and “ten minute break”. I was particularly fond of the latter, since it meant I could have treats, visit the great outdoors and be petted by the cast. Boomers was my first movie set, and my training paid off. I was able to quietly observe and then join my cast mates in front of the camera!

Although everyone has answered the Boomers quiz, I find it a bit challenging since I was not around during the Baby Boomer era. However, Ellen and Mike have influenced my fashion and activities with a Boomer sensibility. Although I am costumed in little bows for my character, I am currently sporting a tie-dye kerchief.

With my buddies in the Labor Day Parade

And I have taken to the streets multiple times with Mike and Ellen for social justice causes. I was even featured in the LA County Federation of Labor website for last year’s Labor Day Parade, riding on my labor float!

Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

I love my crazy unpredictable life in this family of actors and I am hoping that we are renewed for a second season. I think I can develop my character in a meaningful way.



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