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BOOMERS Episodes Season 1

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

You can catch all of Season 1 right here!

Episode 1: Late Middle Age

Al's having a tough time coping with retirement, while Ruth pushes him to get a new hobby.

Episode 2: Couch Potatoes

Dennis tries to convince Al to follow his passions.

Episode 3: A Dream Deferred

Dennis inadvertently helps Al realize that old dreams might actually come true... maybe sort of.

Episode 4: Girl Singers Al and Dennis hold auditions for a girl singer, much to Ruth and Carol's chagrin.

Episode 5: Homecoming

Josh and Becca invite Al and Ruth for lunch, though it’s not just to spend time together.

Episode 6: What Noise?

When the HOA president shows up to complain about noise, Murray Klein uses this to his advantage to weasel his way into the band.

Episode 7: Name That Band

Al returns to work while the band tries to come up with a name that connotes their status in life.

Episode 8: The Gig

After Murray gets the band members fantasize about their upcoming performance.

We're in pre-production with Season 2... stay tuned!

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