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Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Your never too old to Rock & Roll, so say these Boomers still performing after all these years!

You may not recognize his name, but Gone Marshall strums a Boomer’s vibe.

Gone Marshall is a singer-songwriter, lyricist and vocalist working in a wide range of genres including alt rock, psych rock and folk, anti folk, electronic, spoken word, and more. Born with two thumbs on his guitar strumming hand, he returned to songwriting after working as a filmmaker and screenwriter, bringing with him a one of a kind blend of visual storytelling, original fissionary psych folk & rock outcroppings, electro beats, and surreal cinematic sounds with wind swept dialectics.

'Bad Guys' is Gone Marshall's long awaited EP after releasing numerous singles and his debut album effort, 'The Crunch'.

Regarding 'Bad Guys' "There's theatrics in the music. Evocative of images, feelings, and places. Traversing musical genres, 'Bad Guys' seem to be influenced by another era" - The Rock Philosopher Blog "A trippy Leonard Cohen. Beatific and funny. Love all these tracks especially the first. It's an anthem for our time" - Johnny Novocain, Reviewer

Here's the catchy cover song:

Available on iTunes here:


Eric Clapton is a music legend and one of the all time greats who continues to create new music and perform, with new tours set for Germany and the UK in 2018.

In case you missed it, here's the trippy animated video that literally spirals through this rocker’s six-decade career, reimagining his album cover and iconic photos from Cream, Yardbirds and Slowhand to MTV Unplugged and the Sir Peter Blake-painted artwork for I Still Do. Seriously, does anyone do it better?

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